Sisilia Piring - Diary

A behind the scenes video of my shoot this past weekend with Leila Thomas. Makeup, hair, and video by the uber talented Devin Joplin.

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Ask Me Anything

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nelson-cherry asked: I very love your posts, and love u more !

LOL thanks??

punkprince182 asked: amazing work! <4

Thank you!

superharleeboo asked: Was just wondering if u ever too pics of ur self I bet the would be ur best work I'm betting you are breath taking I would like to see one. Have a great day. Matt

No, and thanks!

revengeux asked: Hey I'm 15 and I want to start photographing people and events for money do you think people will take me seriously? What's required to be a professional photographer?

You gotta do what you gotta do to gain experience and practice. It doesn’t matter in the beginning. Practice shooting everyday. Learn how your camera works. Put yourself out there, make a website and post only your best work, work your tail off and eventually work will pick up and you’ll start to book jobs. It won’t be overnight though.