Sisilia Piring Diary

ryumatias asked: can i intern for you?

I’ll let you know when that time comes! :)

revengeux asked: your photography is absolutely amazing! what do you usually use for editing? And if its photoshop whats your usual editing process?

Thank you! Photoshop & lightroom. I mess with curves a lot.

through-slanted-eyes asked: What would be some tips on finding models who don't flake? Ive been contacting models and they are interested at first but then flake later

Hahaha this question made me lol only because I went through a lot of models who flaked when I first started shooting, but that was the Model Mayhem days. Not saying that MM is bad, but it’s a hit or miss with finding a reliable model. Luckily these days I work with agency represented models and so far (but once) everyone has showed up. Crossing fingers. I don’t have any tips on this. Sorry =/ Ohh wait, okay so I sometimes I seek out models on Instagram and I tell them to meet at my place so if they were to flake at least I didn’t drive out somewhere far wasting time and gas.

samkayblog asked: Who is your favorite photographer?

Guy Bourdin is my absolute favorite forever and ever amen :)

johnbozinov asked: i love your photography! how much of it is shot on film? all of your images have a really wonderful feel to them :)

Thank you! About half is film and half digital. Most of my fashion work being digital and my personal work film :)

beatlesblackbird asked: You're an amazing photographer, your pics are awsome xo

Thank you!!